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We don’t need another revival — we need a revolution!

We’re talking about an APOSTOLIC REVOLUTION and how your God-given assignment can influence and change culture! This revolutionary INFLUENCE AND IMPACT on CULTURE is one of the main assignments that apostles have!

Jesus didn’t appoint pastors or prophets, He only commissioned apostles! His concern was to raise up apostles.

Jesus knew that He would appoint and commission apostles before He came to earth! These men were pre-ordained to be the ones who would walk with Him. Their message changed the world — and it was ONLY ABOUT HIM.

The salvation that Jesus brought forth continued to be imparted to the earth by the first apostles He trained — and by the apostles who came later.

Since Christ’s ascension into heaven, it has been the task of the Apostles and apostolic leaders to cause this glorious salvation to be made known and accessible to all humanity. The Church grew “as each part did its work” (Eph. 4:16). –

Clearly, through the apostles, the local church and the global church were designed to revolutionize all the arenas of life, and the systems and cultures of this WORLD (cosmos).

The ecclesia was a familiar institutional word used for centuries before Jesus.

We know ecclesia to mean, “a people called out. But originally, ecclesia was a confrontational political word meaning, “CALLED OUT FOR REVOLUTION.”

The apostles were commissioned to lead the Church (ecclesia) in Revolution.

Ecclesia referred to the assembly that ruled over civic affairs.

It was a group with a drastic goal to “take over.” The early believers did turn the world upside down (Acts 17:6).

Today, a REVOLUTION is needed! Because today’s apostles are continually empowered, they should be moving ahead faster and better than ever before. It is time to take-off like a missile shot into the unknown spheres that await you – Into those places, “No man has been before.”

Revolution is our relentless God-given desire to change the world where we live and make something better.”