CONNECTING — Apprehending Spiritual Realities!
CONNECTING — Apprehending Spiritual Realities!
CONNECTING — Apprehending Spiritual Realities!
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CONNECTING — Apprehending Spiritual Realities!

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Connecting — Apprehending Spiritual Realities!

Dr. Kluane Spake

Do you ever wonder what to do next, who to trust, where to go, what to believe, and who to listen to?

What would life be like if you could always make the right decisions and knew what to do about every circumstance?

We are born again with the ability to have spiritual discernment, and this ability must be trained and unlocked.

“Connecting” will train your spiritual sensitivity and you will be able to:
Accurately hear the Lord
Discern between the false and the true, the wrong and the right.
Make correct decisions.
Know God’s specific will for your life
Uncover the counterfeit.
Understand the Word.
Become more spiritually mature.


Prophet Lora Allison says, ‘Connecting is a Must Read for everyone who is hungry for a true experiential relationship with the Lord!

“Dr. Kluane Spake has a unique way of saying things in fresh verbage guaranteed to open up closed perspectives and entrenched mindsets. All of us need to take a closer look at truths designed to CONNECT us to the One who desires relationship with us above all. Connecting will trigger that more critical “now than ever before intimacy with God.” Rev. Jonathan Paruse

Connecting “… your book, ‘Connecting has been the MOST en-lightening, en-sightful book I have ever experienced! I praise God for your ministry to the body of Christ and this incredible book that is causing me to mature IN CHRIST on a daily basis. I had a very special connection with the anointing in your words literally from page one of ‘Connecting.’ My heart leaped for joy and there were nights while reading that I could not put the book down…the Spirit just kept prodding me on to turn the next page and the next. I have been reading it every spare moment that I have. Even though I had to be up early for work, the sleep I missed was replenished with sweet rest in my spirit as I read, ‘Connecting’ with my Bible open and my ‘heart’ (mind, will, emotions) ready to be changed into Father’s original intention for me. ‘ Blessings, Rev. D. Bellcour, Gospel Truth Ministries

CONNECTING is one of those rare books that remain fresh with each reading. The first time through I couldn’t put it down even though I knew I was only getting a little of what was there. The second time I stopped and pondered each section doing the suggested exercises and marveling how the Lord has gifted Dr. Spake with the ability to put into words truths we have only seen dimly and certainly could not communicate.

I have completed a third reading and am now (fourth time) leading a weekly group meeting to study the book along with associated scriptures and concepts. I recommend this as a great group study! Together we are exploring and seeing God open our eyes and deepen our understanding of His eternal purpose. Traditions are confirmed or rejected, vision expands . . . it’s fantastic. There is so much more God wants to do with His people than previously realized. Connecting opens the door for greater vision — it is only as we see that we can enter in. Rev. Pat Joyce


I’ve been getting some awesome teaching… It’s this book I’ve been reading called ‘Connecting.’ (Maybe you’ve heard of it?) A couple of pages out of that book beats a month of even quality sermons. This is not a suck-up but the absolute truth. I am loving it! Rev. l Wolack

“Our entire church has been studying Dr. Kluane’s Book ‘Connecting – How to apprehend spiritual realities.’ This book over the past TWO YEARS, and we have found it to be very beneficial in our awakening to the finished work of Jesus Christ. The book lends itself to discussion, and this has been an integral part of our growth. As pastors, our main objective is to have every precious person realizing the treasure of Christ in them, and thereby be able to contribute to the growth of the local body uniquely and individually as they find freedom by embracing truth. …

While reading ‘Connecting’, veils were whisked away from the eyes of our understanding. It is a book that even after several reads continues to reveal unchartered truth. Dr Spake has well-harnessed the NOW word of God, and presents it in a way that is palatable, ever present, and ever revelatory. We highly recommend your church study this book, as it enhances and emphasizes our identity – Christ Jesus.

When we begin to wake up to who we really are, our whole perception changes and we begin to view the world through HIS eyes. Read this book … it will change your life like it did ours.Pastor Jeff Benham, Anglesea, Australia


Dr. Spake, I have just recently obtained your book, Connecting… I am sooo blessed by what I am reading, and totally reaffirmed in the path that the Lord has me on! I hope that your book will be introduced to our congregation, or a small group, to help us understand the purposes of our Lord in the dimension were and are created for. I cannot even begin to express the joy in my heart, and the leaping up and down in my heart (aka, rejoicing) for this book… I “enjoy it” because it is Life to my spirit and soul! I thank God for you and I thank you for this book… blessings to you, I am Mia Warner

Thanks for the “Connecting” book! I have already read and thoroughly enjoyed it. The content, writing style, illustrations & charts are extremely revelatory, helpful, & refreshingly simplistic enough that everyone from a child to a scholar with an open mind can understand what you are presenting. There are many Scriptures that you used that I have preached, but you have a way of taking all of the “wires”, color-coding them, and wrapping them into very nice, mentally ergonomic bundles! This book helped me to learn new things… & also learn to perhaps communicate it in a more excellent way. Thanks Again! …You’re Stuck with me now!