"Why I Speak In Tongues" E-Book

"Why I Speak In Tongues" E-Book

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"Why I Speak In Tongues" E-Book

by Dr. Kluane Spake

You Can Speak in Tongues Today!

If you've ever wondered about tongues - here's the answer!

If you've ever asked, tarried, or begged for the Gift of tongues and not received it - Don't give up! Here's HOW you can and will!

[endorsement]'Hello Dr. Kluane: Thanks again. The Lord is using you mightily for His glory, and at the sound of you voice, I received the Gift of Tongues, right after I purchased the book. I am now blessed with lots of joy and laughter, and may overflowed with great time of celebrations which the Lord prepares for me.' Abundant Blessings, Janet George:-)[/endorsement]

THIS is one of the most life-changing books ever written.

You'll resonate with this BASIC teaching of WHY you need to speak in tongues.

Tongues is your direct link to God! It is your personal prayer language.

"This book really helped me to really understand and receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit!"

THIS is a deeply personal experience which allows you to have greater access and walk in the power of the Spirit more and more every day!

This Guideline to Speaking in Tongues is a "must have" for every Christian -- it contains concrete action steps for every believer!

You can have this Gift of the Spirit today!

About 95 % of believers don't really understand why they NEED to speak in tongues.

More than 600 million believers have not fully utilized this amazing Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Your prayer language will be activated. Your prayers will be more effective. You will access greater insight to other Gifts of the Spirit! Your life will be more powerful.


Reasons for Speaking in Tongues

Biblical Proof and explanations

What your personal Benefit is -- Reasons

How to.


Biblical History.

This book will sky-rocket your awareness of the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of speaking in tongues! Just scroll up to buy this book... The answer to defeat, discouragement and confusion. Get the Scriptures cleared up. Learn how to maximize your Christian life!

There comes to us a God given answer. He gives s a heavenly language to take away our internal conflict – tongues override the propensity to speak doubt, hopelessness, and faithless words. Many call receiving this new heavenly language as the infilling or the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit.” Whatever terminology you wish to ascribe, this experience is essential.

Get this book now and get the answers you need!

Speaking in Tongues is a MUST for every believer! The answer to defeat, discouragement and confusion. Get the Scriptures cleared up. Learn how to maximize your Christian life! This book will show you WHY you need to speak in tongues -- and HOW to speak in tongues! YOU can speak in Tongues... today!

Overall, this book on speaking in tongues (also called, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, or Glossolalia) is one of the most understandable explanations available today! If you desire this Gift, or have ministry that is involved with The Gifts of the Spirit, this book could totally change your life and ministry! You will learn Biblical answers and be SAFE!

After reading this book about how to speak in tongues by Dr. Kluane Spake, you can discover how this action is the doorway to other Gifts! You will be mere hours away from developing a greater understanding of how to connect with the Lord in more effective ways!

Acts 2:4, And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

SOUL BAPTISM: The Greek word baptizo means to immerse or submerge and cover wholly with fluid. That means that this Baptism in the Holy Spirit is when our entire soul experiences an immersion of the enveloping presence of God indwelling every aspect of our life. Only then can we discover all that God desires to apprehend. Behold, He wants to do a new thing.

The next step is we call the, "Baptism of the Holy Spirit!" This is YOU IN CHRIST -- and here your soul is immersed in the Spirit. Think of a glass full of water being put into the ocean!

The Holy Spirit comes (Acts 19:6) like rain that falls down from above (falls upon Acts 8:16) and immerses us completely. (Immerse = the root word here means to "completely cover over”).

But why tongues?

The gift of the Holy Spirit baptism reunites believers together into one grand purpose and language. We each speak a part of God’s perfect language. Through that unified and spiritual communication, God uses people to institute the kingdom on earth. Now, nothing will be impossible for those who believe.