Amazing Apostolic Women - E-BOOK
Amazing Apostolic Women - E-BOOK
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Amazing Apostolic Women - E-BOOK

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Amazing Apostolic Women

Early Church Women Apostles and Leaders


One of the biggest secrets in Christianity is about the massive responsibilities that women held in the early church!

Can Women be Apostles. Who were some of the early women apostles in the Church?


To move into forceful Church Reform, both men and women need to know the truth about gender and racial equality — and be totally convinced.

Women fully functioned in 5-fold governmental offices in the early church.

Every human being can serve the Lord in whatever way they are gifted.

Firstly, I believe the Bible is sacred, inerrant, holy, unquestionable and infallible. What is important is to know what was meant when the Bible was written and HOW the people understood those words at the time it was written. History tells us a lot.

Jesus often used women – and in fact, told them many of His greatest truths. He didn’t give women salvation just to get them to heaven so that they could sit on a cloud playing a harp. He came to establish a NEW Kingdom ORDER. He uses humans –men and women and children — to do this!

This book is written mainly for women… it is time for you to fully realize your potential and knowing what others have done before will inspire you to go forward! Nothing is impossible. Be released into the fullness of your inheritance.

His perfect sacrifice on the cross was made and FINISHED to enable believers to bring heaven’s dominion, perceptions, and administration as a reality onto this earth.

This book is designed to tell you about some amazing women who lived long ago – hopefully their stories will bring freedom to the cause of equality… and that you might know who you are and why you were born. You and I are mandated to build God’s intentions in this world.

Women in the Early Church served in positions of influence and some were apostles.

In order to answer the question, ”Can women be apostles?” let’s look some more.

Dr. Kluane Spake

The Woman Pope!